DDA Ramp Access handrails

Most building to which the public have access require ramp access. Many of them can be “high traffic” areas.

In such locations the handrail needs to be robust, resist knocks and bumps, does not chip, be warm to the touch (or not cold to the touch), of a contrasting colour to its surroundings and have a low maintenance requirement.

Stargard handrail meets all these requirements.

It is 4mm (4,000 microns) thick PVC sleeved over galvanised steel tube after fabrication, giving either 42mm or 50mm finished handrail diameter. (Powder coating is generally 110 Microns thick)

Brackets are normally stainless-steel grade 316, but basic galvanised brackets can be used when cost needs to be kept to an absolute minimum.

The handrail is available in a range of colours and can be fitted to stainless steel or galvanised steel posts.

Stargard can also incorporate LED INSERT lighting which may reduce the need for overhead lighting







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