Handrails and Balustrades for the Education Sector

The education sector provides challenges for specifiers, handrails must be tough yet attractive. We have the ideal solution.

For the education sector we would suggest combining Stargard, the original “warm to the touch” handrail, with either Stargard or Sentinel (stainless steel) balusters. The resulting design is robust, attractive and requires the minimum of maintenance making it ideal for use as a college, university or school handrail system. 

Single and double (upper and lower) handrails and a variety of infill panel options add to the design possibilities. Infill panels can be offset from the handrail which enables them to be higher than the handrail height as an added safety benefit.

With a DDA compliant Handrail, you know you’re getting a product that is top quality and suitable for use. Stargard is a low maintenance handrail which makes it the ideal handrail for schools. The colour is consistent throughout the 4mm (4,000 microns) thickness of PVC, and it resists knocks and bumps from the daily rigor of pupils. The PVC coating ensures the handrail remains ‘warm to touch’ which is important at low temperatures.

Sentinel balustrades are perfect for applications where a regal, yet durable handrail is required. Sentinel balusters combined with the Stargard handrail achieves a robust system ideal for a range of educational applications. Contact us to find out more.

Coloured Glass infill for school
Main School staircase with glass infill
Warm to touch handrail for education setting
Glazed dda handrail for school
External education handrail for staircase and ramp
Internal blue handrail in School
Stainless steel handrail up school staircase
Close up of stainless steel school handrail
Education application staircases
Blue DDA handrail with perforated infill
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