System Products for a range of sectors

Accessibility and safety are requirements that affect most sectors. Wherever there is a staircase, steps or a ramp then you will almost certainly require a handrail and balustrade.

The British Building Code states that every staircase that comprises 2 or more risers, 3 or more if situated in a residential building, must have a continuous stair handrail. Stairs less than 1 m wide require a railing on at least one side and those that are wider must have railings on both sides. The top of the handrail should be positioned between 90 and 100 cm from the pitch line or floor.“

This is where BPI Project Installations comes in. Our range of products which can be viewed here, can fulfil the needs of the commercial, public, education, healthcare and railway sectors.


The education sector provides challenges for specifiers, handrails must be tough yet attractive. Stargard is the ideal solution which will not only look great but is hardwearing.


In the commercial sector style, cost and low maintenance are important. Sentinel in stainless steel and glass are an excellent design combination to achieve these elements.

Public Buildings

Public buildings require balustrade and handrails that are both suitable and appropriate for the look of the building and its use. All of our products are suitable for this sector.


Handrails for ramps, steps or footbridges that require a durable material that is “warm to the touch” and of a contrasting colour to its surroundings, are ideal applications for Stargard. With Illumine LED Inserts the correct Lux level of lighting can illuminate the treads.


Entrance ramps, steps, walkways, corridors and terraces all require DDA compliant handrail in the healthcare market. We can supply to hospitals, dental surgeries, veterinary practices or care homes.

Black residential handrail

Other Sectors

Alternatively, Hospitality, Leisure, Private or if your sector is not mentioned here, don’t be put off. Our product range is extremely versatile and we have a great team ready and waiting to help. Contact us for more information.