Glass Balustrade System – GLASSRAIL

A structural or cantilevered glass balustrade system

Glassrail is a structural or cantilevered glass balustrade system with a range of handrail options. This glass balustrade system includes toughened or laminated glass in a range of thickness’ dependant on the applications.

Glass balustrade systems administer spectacular results by making the most of the view around. No balusters are required for this system, giving a seamless, frameless look that many balustrade systems do not offer. Its clean lines partnered with a simple installation make it the optimum choice for a multitude of applications.

The clear view that a glass balustrade provides is ideal for applications such as a balcony or staircase. It is suitable for use on either the interior or exterior of the building. Handrails can be fitted to either the top edge or side face of the glass. The glass is available in thickness ranging from 12mm to 25mm to suit your requirements.

The frameless glass balustrades can be easily installed and gives an elegant look. This make is ideal for a multitude of applications in commercial, public or private developments.

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  • Handrail: – Stainless steel, aluminium, brass, PVC sleeved fitted to either the top or side of the glass
  • Balusters (posts): NONE required
  • Glass panels: – Toughened or laminated glass in a range of thickness’ depending on the application. 12mm, 15mm 19mm or 25mm
  • Base Fittings: – steel clamping plates, profiled stainless steel clamping plates, stainless steel disc clamping or aluminium channel section.



The Glassrail glass balustrade system is best suited to quality developments. Shopping centres, prestige housing projects and balconies are some of the previous applications we have seen glass balustrades work well. In refurbishment projects it has brought interiors into the 21st Century.

Handrail Options:

The handrail, which is seen to float above a clear wall of toughened glass, may be stainless steel in either circular of oval sections. For internal use timber handrails can also be supplied fixed to the glass by means of stainless steel channels. Alternatively our Stronghold, Stargard or Citadel ranges can be fixed to the glass.

Clamping Discs:

Glassrail stainless steel clamping discs are suitable for internal or external applications and can be used with 12mm, 15mm, 19mm or 25mm thick toughened glass. The discs are spaced to ensure even distribution of the design load.

Spacer discs are placed behind where appropriate to allow the glass to be positioned away from the edge of the stair allowing for easy cleaning, The lower edge of the glass can be sandblasted if required as a feature or to hide the edge of the stair.