DDA Handrails – Stargard

The original “warm to the touch” handrail system

Stargard is the original “warm to the touch” PVC handrail that is DDA compliant. It consists of a tubular system fabricated from galvanized steel which is fully sleeved with 4mm thick (4,000 Microns) pvc after fabrication giving double protection and utilizing stainless steel fittings. Note: Powder coating is around 110 microns thick.

A DDA Handrail is ideal for applications with access ramps to buildings or for balustrades in schools, offices and public buildings. Stargard handrails will meet site specific requirements. This means that you know you’re getting a product that is top quality, and suitable for use. By Choosing a Stargard DDA handrail you can have absolute confidence in your product.

Handrails are designed to offer people additional support, therefore users should not be reluctant to use the handrail because of the expectation it will be extremely cold to touch. Thanks to its high quality PVC coating the Stargard ensures it is not cold to touch. Tests carried out on site have shown that Stargard is normally 4-5 degrees C warmer than normal thermal painted or powder coated metal handrails. This is very important at low ambient temperatures.

The not cold to touch handrail, has a 4 mm thick PVC sleeve which is UV stable as well as a consistent colour throughout the thickness of the PVC. A wide range of colours are available to suit the application. It is also still in use in buildings where it was installed 15—20 years ago, and also installed in sea front environments. It does not “chip” and resists knocks and bumps.

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Internal black wall mounted handrail
External handrail on ramp
external handrail
stargard handrail outside nursery
Double handrail
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  • Handrail: – is 42mm Dia (50 mm dia is also available in Stargard) in lengths of up to 5 metres keeping the number of visible joints to a minimum. Stargard is also available with “Tactile” handrail ends. .LED Insert lighting can be fitted into 50 mm dia. Stargard handrail. Click here for more information. Stargard handrail can be fitted to existing structures too.
  • Balusters (posts): – are 50mm finished diameter either PVC sleeved, stainless steel or galvanised steel.
  • Infill panels: – a choice of glass, perforated metal sheet, stainless steel or powder coated mid / running rails, stainless steel wire or to a bespoke design.
  • Fittings: – handrail brackets, glass brackets are all stainless steel. PVC sleeving: – is 4mm (4,000 microns) thick which resists knocks and bumps, will not chip and is available in a standard range of colours. Other colours are available for orders over 250 metres.


What makes a handrail DDA compliant?

We refer to Stargard as a DDA Handrail, but what does this mean? When we refer to DDA compliance we are talking about handrails which conform to the railing requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA), the Building Regulations Part M and British Standard BS 8300. This type of handrail must meet the following requirements:

  • Handrail Height – Handrails must be between 900mm and 1.1m in height and should extend the width of one stair tread and then level out for at least 300mm. Consideration should also be given to children or those who are short of stature through the provision of a second, lower handrail set at 600mm.
  • Visual – Handrail should contrast visually with its surroundings without being highly reflective. 
  • Shape and size – Should be circular or oval for ease of grip. Ideally circular handrails should have a diameter of between 40 and 45mm while oval ones should have a width of 50mm



Stargard is suitable for any application where warm to touch or DDA compliance is important. Under the EQUALITY ACT, reasonable adjustments need to be made to commercial and public buildings to overcome physical barriers which prevent disabled access. One way to achieve this is to provide suitable handrails on external stairways as recommended in Part M of the Building Regulations. This means that the Stargard system is ideal for any commercial or public building. Previous applications include schools, railway stations, hospitals and public buildings.