LED Handrails – ILLUMINE

LED Illuminated Handrails for any application

LED handrail lighting provides a subtle and appealing lighting alternative for a wide range of exterior applications. By having a handrail installed with LED inserts, the pathway is adequately lit, without the need for harsh lighting. If you are looking to specify an illuminated handrail system, then the Illumine LED handrail range has the solution for you.

The complete range encompasses a wide range of products. This includes Illumine-Sentinel stainless steel handrail, Illumine-Citadel brass handrail system and Illumine-Stargard warm to the touch handrail. Each LED handrail can also be fitted to our Glassrail structural glass balustrade.

The LED INSERTS are securely fitted individually into the handrail. They are positioned to enable them to direct light to where it is needed most. This is perfect for stairs or walkways. This approach to design means that “light scatter” is kept to an absolute minimum. This results in minimal light pollution and very effective “light placement”. These handrails are also incredibly energy efficient, lasting up to 100,000 hours and consuming only 1 watt of power.

The LED INSERTS are positioned at centre distances (usually between 250mm and 1,000 mm), which can be varied depending on the lighting level required. They are stainless steel and waterproof and therefore suitable for both interior and exterior applications. They also have excellent vandal resistance.

As they are individual units, they can be fitted into curved handrails and the placement of the lights allows a continuous pathway of light, or if the design is more architectural or decorative, stepping stones of light.

LED handrails are suitable for a wide range of applications including street lighting, public transport such as railways, and walkways.

LED lighting on bridge
Close up of LED inserts
Illuminated handrail in Greenwich
LED lighting in handrail at night
LED lighting in wall mounted handrail
Handrail lighting on ramp
stainless steel handrail lit by LED inserts
Handrail lighting in stainless steel handrail
Metal LED insert in yellow handrail
LED's lighting interior wall mounted handrail
Ramp lit by Handrail LEDs at night
LED insert in PVC handrail
LED illuminated handrails
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  • Directional LED INSERTS: which are fitted into the handrail and the handrail is rotated to the appropriate angle before being fitted to the wall or balustrade. 
  • Asymmetric RAILled INSERTS: which are fitted to the underside of the handrail with the LED INSERTS pre-set to the appropriate angle. 

Both types of LED’s are securely fitted into the handrail giving excellent vandal resistance. 

Handrail diameters are either 42mm or 48mm. The LED INSERTS have an ingress protection rating of IP67, an impact rating of IK10. They have an average life of 100,000 hours and each unit consumes only 1 watt of power. 

For more information on the LED handrail solution that we can offer you, please get in touch.