Handrails for hospitals, cARE HOMEs, veterinary practices or dENTAL SURGERies

Entrance ramps, steps, walkways, corridors and terraces all require DDA compliant handrails in the healthcare market. Whether it be handrails for care homes, hospitals, children’s nurseries, veterinary practice or dental surgery’s, we have a solution.

The main considerations for healthcare handrails are; Secure, of contrasting colour to the background, easy and safe to grip, continuous with as few handrail joints as possible, upper and lower handrails, easy to keep clean. These are all important for healthcare use.

Stargard with its 4mm (4,000 microns) thick pvc sleeving are “Warm to the touch” handrails will satisfy the requirements. This is suitable for entrance ramps and steps as well as interior corridor handrail. “Tactile” ends to the handrail are especially important for the partially sighted person.

LED lighting can add to the safety aspect. By using “Illumine” handrails, light can be directed to the walking area there- by giving additional safety to what may otherwise be a poorly lit area.

Hospital and care home handrails are particularly important as patients/ resident’s mobility may be impaired through injury or illness and therefore they may rely heavily on the handrail as a support for easy access and navigation. Our handrails are highly suitable for this kind of environment.

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Stargard – DDA  “Warm to touch” Handrails

Stargard is a warm to the touch PVC handrail that is DDA compliant. It consists of a tubular system fabricated from galvanized steel which is fully sleeved with 4mm thick PVC…