Stargard Installation 12 years later

Stargard blue handrail fitted to stainless steel grade 316 handrail, continues to look “as new” even after 12 years of use in an external area of a shopping centre, as this photograph taken in April this year shows.

The balustrade is exposed to the English weather (sun, rain, and frost) all year round.

This example is the Beaumont Shopping Centre, in Leicester. The only maintenance that Stargard has needed is the normal cleaning that handrail and balustrade would get in this type of location.

Stargard handrail with its 4 mm thick PVC handrail resists knocks and bumps, and will not “chip”, all important advantages in this environment where the public have continuous access.

When fitted to grade 316 stainless steel it is ideal for this type of application.

Stargard is the original “warm to the touch” DDA compliant handrail.

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