Railway DDA Handrails with LED Lighting – Stargard

Stargard is not simply a DDA handrail with a powder coated finish. Stargard is a true DDA handrail that is “warm to the touch.” Powder coating is approx. 110 microns thick whilst Stargard is 4,000 microns thick. The colour is consistent throughout the thickness of the PVC sleeving, which is fitted to galvanised steel tube after fabrication.

As a result, the handrail is robust, resists knocks and bumps, and has a low maintenance requirement. To add to these benefits, Stargard can be supplied with individual LED lights installed which direct the light to where it is needed most, the footway. As the LED’s are individual and screwed directly into the galvanised steel, they are very “vandal resistant”.

The handrail is available in two diameters, 42mm and 50mm, and a range of colours.

Find out more about Stargard here

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