Education Applications

Stargard PVC sleeved handrail is ideal for the needs of Schools, Colleges, and Nurseries. In fact, wherever hard wearing yet robust handrail is required due to “high” pedestrian traffic. It is suitable for internal or external use on stairs or ramps.

Stargard with its 4mm (4,000 micron) thick PVC sleeving over galvanised steel tube, in a range of colours, fitted to a range of balusters such as stainless steel, PVC sleeved, or simple galvanised tube is ideal.

Stargard handrail is the original “warm to the touch” handrail which meets the requirements of the DDA. it will not chip and the colour runs through the full 4mm thickness of the PVC. Stargard can also be fitted with individual LED lights on certain sizes of handrail.


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