Design flexibility enhances reputation of Stargard system

Stargard the original “Warm to touch” DDA compliant handrail system from SG System Products is proving increasingly popular with architects and designers due to the system’s design flexibility.

Already a first choice system in terms of durability and for its aesthetic appeal, the Stargard handrail system’s design means it can be utilised in a wide range of settings.

It is this flexibility of design that has seen Stargard specified across a wide range of applications.

SG System Products has ensured that Stargard offers something different for projects, for example the system is not simply powder coating but comes with a 4mm thick PVC sleeve over galvanised steel tube.

Stargard can be specified in a range of colours, can be fitted to different designs of baluster, these options when combined with a range of infill panels make Stargard ideal for office, public buildings, school and even railway stations for both interior and exterior applications.

Fabricated from galvanised mild steel tube, Stargard can incorporate LED insert lighting for health, safety and security environments.

SG System Products is a specialist in the design, manufacture and installation of handrail and balustrade systems tailored to suit specific applications.

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three images of Stargard DDA Handrails


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