Railway Handrails and Balustrades

There are many applications within a railway station where a handrail may be required. Handrails for ramps, steps or footbridges that require a durable material that is “warm to the touch” and of a contrasting colour to its surroundings, are ideal applications for Stargard.

Stargard, is not simply powder coating. With its 4mm (4,000 microns) thick pvc sleeving over galvanised tube, giving 42mm finished diameter, meets those requirements. This PVC Handrail is robust,  it resists knocks and bumps and has a very low maintenance requirement making it ideal for railway handrails.

The colour is consistent throughout the 4mm (4,000 microns) of thickness. Stainless steel brackets are used to help to keep the maintenance to an absolute minimum. If required, Stargard handrail can be fitted with LED INSERT lighting. Simple guardrails can be in our Sentinel stainless steel system.

Railway Station staircase with yellow Handrail
downward view of station stairs
Royal Victoria station
illuminated railway station handrails
Handrail and balustrade for railway footbridge
curved dda handrails
handrails on railway station steps
DDA Handrail at station
Railway Station handrails for footbridge
Railway Station handrails for footbridge
Footbridge handrail at railway station
Yellow external handrail at railway
Railway Station staircase with yellow Handrail
White DDA Handrails on external staircase
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Stargard – DDA ‘Warm to touch’ Handrails

Stargard is a warm to the touch PVC handrail that is DDA compliant. It consists of a tubular system fabricated from galvanized steel which is fully sleeved with 4mm thick PVC…

Illumine – LED Handrail Systems

The LED inserts are securely fitted individually into the handrail. They are positioned to enable them to direct light to where it is needed most perfect for stairs or walkways…