Handrails for hospitals, cARE HOMEs, veterinary practice’s or dENTAL SURGERY’S

Entrance ramps, steps, walkways, corridors and terraces all require DDA compliant handrails in the healthcare market. Whether it be handrails for care homes, hospitals, veterinary practice or dental surgery’s, we have a solution.

One of the main considerations for healthcare handrails is hygiene. Our Strading-hygienic handrail system can be coated with anti-microbial powder coating which makes it an extremely effective control against the spread of bacteria. Ideal for the healthcare market. The coating takes action by providing a passive barrier against bacteria and inhibiting their growth, thereby reducing the risk of spreading the germs.

Strading-hygienic can be used for interior handrails, as well as exterior applications. A range of infill panel designs are available. Strading-hygienic incorporates a stainless-steel handrail which is coated with this antimicrobial finish.

Should warm to the touch be required, then our Stargard with its 4mm (4,000 microns) thick pvc sleeving will satisfy the requirements. This is suitable for entrance ramps and steps as well as interior corridors.

Hospital and care home handrails are particularly important as patients/ resident’s mobility may be impaired through injury or illness and therefore they may rely on the handrail as a support for easy access and navigation. Our handrails are highly suitable for this kind of environment.

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Hospital Staircase handrail and balustrade
Black healthcare step handrail
Healthcare Stainless steel and glass balustrade
External Healthcare handrail
External handrails for hospital garden
External Hospital Ramp Handrail
Mezzanine balustrade in Hospital
Hospital Entrance with Blue ramp handrail
Stargard warm to touch handrail
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Stargard – DDA  “Warm to touch” Handrails

Stargard is a warm to the touch PVC handrail that is DDA compliant. It consists of a tubular system fabricated from galvanized steel which is fully sleeved with 4mm thick PVC…

Strading-hygienic Handrails


The Strading handrail system has relaunched with antimicrobial technology to create the Strading-hygienic range, a stainless-steel handrail with an anti-bacterial and antimicrobial coating.